“Best set-up and run show I have ever participated in. You made it incredibly easy for artists. It is a show I whole-heartedly recommend to other artists, and will definitely be applying again next year!”

 “I’ve participated in shows for over 17 years and  your show is spot on. It has the best vibe and unique artists. I had customers return all 3 days. Thank you for such a nice experience.”

We appreciate the excellent jurying and maintaining the high quality of exhibitors.  Thanks for bringing in an amazing number of customers in the doors.  Looking forward to seeing you next year!”

Great quality art/craft show – hope to participate next year.”

The best show I do all year. Accommodations, setup, the staff, everything is wonderful.”

Location was excellent. Attendance was superlative, great customers, and easy lot-in and load-out. Great staff.”

Keep the same great venue, the same great staff, and the same great advertising that brings in a buying crowd.”

Fabulous show and hours were perfect. Business was steady all day long. The move in/move out was easy. The staff was friendly and helpful.”

“Sales were up almost 500% from last year”

“Great Show! Responsive crowd.  Thank you to everyone involved putting the show together…. Also, loved the holiday “feel” with the decorations.”

“Keep up the good work and we appreciate all of your efforts!”

“We had a wonderful show, and noticed attendance was up and increased buying energy.  We were busy every day.  Thank you John and staff for a great job!”

“Great show, Great sales”

We  ODC!”

“Keep up the great work!”

“Hours are great”

“Keep on”

“Exhibition area lovely”

“Keep doing such a great job.”

“Nice job. Thanks.  This was the most customers in line to enter show this year.”

“Was a good first time for me.  Really felt like it was well done. Thanks.”

“Thanks very much to staff and volunteers for yet another job well done.”

“Apparently, you’re doing it right from the great turnout of folks and increase in dollar sales.”

“Thanks for passes for people to come back another day! Kudos to you – they brought friends!”

“Keep up the good work, y’all”

“Loved your advertising campaign, it obviously helped…keep up the good work :-)”

“Show was very nice-1st timer”

“You do a great job. Love the booth sitters.”

(ASCS) “This is a fun, relaxed show to do.  Keep up the good work.  Good buying crowd this year.”

“You guys always do a great job-Thank you for all your hard work and effort.”

“We enjoyed our time here and thought it was a great venue and very well organized.”