Young Masters Summer Day Camp

Entering grades 1–6 • Camps run Monday – Friday
Parent/families are invited to attend a performance/art show
the last 15 minutes on Fridays!

Full Day  9:30-3:30 – $195
1/2 Day AM – 9:30-noon  or  1/2 Day PM 1:00-3:30 – $110
Aftercare 3:30-5:30pm – $50

Week 1
Lights, Camera, Art!     June 11–15   Session Full

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Create masks, puppets, music makers, set designs and more that will be incorporated into a final performance on Friday. Children can participate in the performance on whatever level they are comfortable with.

Week 2
Tell Me a Story    June 18–22   Session Full

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Art often tells a story; about a person, a place or a moment in time. Campers will learn many ways to tell a story with or without words by creating a 3D character and a setting. Students will make books, write stories, illustrate their ideas and more.

Week 3
My Place at the Table July 9–13   Session Full

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We’ll explore how other cultures set their tables and create items that are culturally inspired. Students will make a variety of items for a place setting, such as cups, plates, food, woven mats, centerpieces and more. At Friday’s exhibit, we’ll “set the table,” reflecting each child’s individual place at the table.

Week 4
Where I Live!   July 23–27

What does the word “shelter” mean to you, and what does it mean to others? Is it a cave, tent, house, nest, tree, shell or something else? We’ll visit the Shelter, Crafting a Safe Home exhibition in the museum to become inspired to use a variety of media to make unique, inviting shelters and communities.

Week 5
Recyclart    July 30–August 3    Session Full

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Our most popular week from last summer is back! Combine a never-ending amount of recyclables with your own creative spin and experience an amazing week of unusual creative art.

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Teen Summer Workshops

Entering Grades 6–12 • $65 for each 1/2 day workshop

Morning session: 9:30-noon     Afternoon session: 1-3:30                                                               Teens taking both AM & PM sessions may stay noon-1 for lunch

Session 1: June 6-8, W-F

3-D Mash-Up  –  9:30am-noon

It’s always a popular class! Rodney Reese is back to inspire teens in sculpting unique 3D pieces that have a personality of their own. Students will make an inner armature, cover it with polymer clay, then bake and paint their creation.

Knot Your Mother’s Macrame  –  9:30am-noon

This class proves that “everything old is new again.” Artist and educator Jamie Hevener shares simple knotting techniques using cotton rope and jute that teens will transform into an awesome wall hanging, plant holder and jewelry. Driftwood, beads, shells and more will be provided, or students can bring special items from home to include in their piece.

My Island  –  1:00-3:30pm

This is the perfect companion to the sculpted figures created in the morning 3D Mash-Up class or to take on its own. Rodney will guide teens in creating an island environment for a 3D figure they’ve created or one that lives in their imagination, by first sculpting their island, then using a variety of materials to build an interesting landscape and habitat.

Puff Pebble Sculptures  –  1:00-3:30pm

Construct a soft sculpture using t-shirts with a printed design, a design you’ve created or just a plain t-shirt. Jamie Hevener will guide teens in making multi-sized puff pebbles by using small pieces of t-shirts, stuffing and very simple sewing (learned in class). This unique project is inspired by Chilean artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia. We will discuss her technique and compare objective art to non-objective art. Finished pieces can be displayed on a flat surface, a wall or wherever you can imagine.

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Session 2: June 25-27, M-W

Papier Mache-Up  –  9:30am-noon

Artist and educator Mackenzie Schroeder guides teens in the exploration of the ancient art of papier mache, creating a figurative piece unlike anything taught in elementary art classes. Learn how to create an armature, sculpt with papier mache and embellish with color using paint, paper, text, fabric and other media. The possibilities are endless.


Glass Fusion  –  9:30am-noon  Session Full

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Glass artist Roxanne McGovern reveals the mysteries of the colorful layering of fused glass. Using Italian and other varieties of glass, teens will learn how to make a pendant, beads, sun catcher critters and other one-of-a-kind items. Students will learn glass safety, how to use glass tools and the endless possibilities of creating with this versatile medium.

Stopmotion Claymation  –  1:00-3:30pm

Mackenzie Schroeder will lead teens in an exciting class combining art and technology. Participants will create a claymation video by designing a script, creating clay characters and sets, then shooting a video with their smartphones. Yes, phones are used in this class!

Paper Transformation  –  1:00-3:30pm

Explore the versatility of forming handmade paper into a 3D object with educator Nan Hadley. Teens will learn the process of making paper, then create a small dwelling, inspired by our Shelter exhibition at the museum. Project possibilities include a gnome house, birdhouse or cityscape. Other creative uses for paper pulp will be explored.


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Summer Camp Artwork at top of page created by Shivani T. (summer camp participant)

If you have any questions contact or call 614-486-4402