Tours at the Ohio Craft Museum

If you are planning on bringing a group of five or more to our gallery space, please call to make reservations- 614-486-4402.


Audio Described Touch Tours

Audio touch tours are going to be offered during our Best of 2018 exhibition this June. Dates will be announced soon.

What Is An Audio Described Touch Tour? 

An audio described touch tour is a tour of an exhibit that combines audio or verbal description of visual objects with the tactile experience of touching the art (when permissible) or replicas, facsimiles or other props that assist visitors who are blind or visually impaired as well as other tactile learners in forming a fuller impression of the materials.

The describer provides imagery using detailed language, but does not interpret the material.  In a gallery or museum setting, some interpretive information may be included if provided by the curator or artist, but the tour is intended to give comparable access to the art as would be available to any other visitor.


Many thanks to Dr. Karen Riccio and her practice in Grandview Heights, Eye Designs and the Ohio Arts Council.



Virtual Audio Tour- Best of 2017

Follow this link to find the verbal descriptions of works used in our Best of 2017 audio described touch tour.


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