February 3–April 6, 2019 St. Louis artist Howard Jones transforms everyday tools and objects into works of art. “I have been very interested in everyday objects and tools, trying to create unexpected new uses for them in keeping with, but enlarging upon, their original purpose,” he says. Check out the cover article profiling Howard Jones in the December/January 2019 issue of American Craft magazine. Click here for the online gallery

Functional Ceramics Exhibition 2019

Functional Ceramics Exhibition 2019 March 16–April 13, 2019 Ohio Designer Craftsmen presents Functional Ceramics Exhibition 2019 at the Wayne Center for the Arts, Wooster, Ohio. The show features exemplary work by 20 artists from across the United States and Canada. A workshop will be held April 12–13, with presenters Jen Allen, Tony Clennell and Kenyon Hansen. See www.functionalworkshop.com. Click here for the online gallery