Figurative Works by Members of Women Ceramic Sculptors


Northeast Ohio Jewelry
February 7–March 26, 2016

(Columbus, Ohio)—Figurative ceramics by 13 female artists from across the country will be showcased in the Ohio Craft Museum’s exhibition, “Equality,” on view February 7–March 26. Organized by Columbus artist Janis Wunderlich, the show focuses on each artist’s interpretation of equality in today’s society. Many of the artists are members of Women Ceramic Sculptors, a group that uses clay to express their points of view on societal issues. Ohio artists Juliellen Byrne (Columbus) and Jenny Mendes (Cleveland) will be showing work as well.

Florida artist Linda Ganstrom has created three life-size figures for the exhibition: Through the Looking Glass Ceiling comprises the Red Queen, the White Queen and Alice, all characters from Alice in Wonderland. “Imagined as a chess game,” Ganstrom says, the piece connects the story “with contemporary challenges faced by women as they struggle to mentor as well as lead.” Angelique Brickner’s latest work explores the “barriers, real or imagined, that constrain us. This state of being trapped or ‘boxed in,’ either by external or internal forces, is universal,” Brickner comments. “My fascination lies with our ability to understand our entrapment and the varying responses we have to this state.”

Shown alongside “Equality” is the focus exhibition, “Northeast Ohio Jewelry,” featuring contemporary jewelry by David and Roberta Williamson, Michael Romanik, and Catherine Butler.

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The opening reception will take place on Sunday, February 7, from 1 to 4 p.m. Janis Wunderlich will discuss the artists and their work at 3 p.m.