Audio-Described Tours for the Visually Impaired

What Is An Audio-Described Tour? 

An audio described tour is a verbal exploration of an exhibit that combines audio or verbal description of visual objects to offer access to visitors who are blind or visually impaired as well as other audio -based learners. The describer provides imagery using detailed language, but does not interpret the material.  In a gallery or museum setting, some interpretive information may be included if provided by the curator or artist, but the tour is intended to give comparable access to the art as would be available to any other visitor. In our online virtual tours, you can find the written description of works featured in our audio and touch tours for the visually impaired, which can be read with screen reader technology. These tours are made possible through a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

Best of 2017 Virtual Tour

Click on the links for the written description.

image of Lisa Belsky's Puff Stitch Vessel
Lisa Belsky’s Puff Stitch Vessel


image of William Brouillard's Big Bird Head
William Brouillard’s Big Bird Head #2


Image of William Brouillard's Steam Punk Mechanics Stool
William Brouillard’s Steam Punk Mechanics Stool

Image of Elizabeth Runyon's Slither
Elizabeth Runyon’s Slither

Image of Mary Ann Tipple's WRT
Mary Ann Tipple’s WRT

Image of Robert Troup's Cherry and Steel Chair
Robert Troup’s Cherry and Steel Chair 

Image of Robert Troup's Cherry, Ash and Welded Steel Chair
Robert Troup’s Cherry, Ash and Welded Steel Chair

Image of Jennifer A. Whitten's Prestige Belt
Jennifer A. Whitten’s Prestige Belt

Image of Karine & Matthew Maynard's Ginko Candelabra Set
Karine & Matthew Maynard’s Ginko Candelabra Set