Boris Bally

Brave 4: Breastplate

Providence, RI
Gun-triggers, gun-bolts and gun-barrels*, steel, brass shells mounted on stainless cord, 925 silver 26" x 11 1/2" x 2" *Weapons courtesy of Goods4Guns Antiviolence Coalition, City of Pittsburgh, PA Photo: Aaron Usher III

Most indigenous cultures, including this country’s own Native Americans, have adorned themselves with jewelry made of various animal parts such as feathers, fur, leather, claws, bones, or teeth. These objects served as talismanic charms and, in the form of the archetypal bear-claw necklace, gave a hunter/warrior the spirit and strength of the animal whose disabled ‘weapons’ he was wearing. Such a necklace was perceived as a symbol of bravery, strength, and respect. Brave 4 is made of handgun triggers, cut and torn from the dismembered weapons reclaimed from the Pittsburgh gun buy-back program, Goods for Guns. This urban neckpiece is intended to protect the wearer from the gun violence so prevalent in today’s culture.