Dauvit Alexander. Photo: Simon Murphy


Glasgow, Scotland
Found, corroded iron from a burnt-out car, polycarbonate reflector from a crashed car, sterling silver, black spinels, quartz heart

I am fortunate to have been spared any real violence in my life: mugged once in the streets of Glasgow, but other than that, nothing. Therefore, I came to the idea of interviewing people who have experienced violent events first-hand, perhaps even instigating those events themselves, allowing them to tell their stories and giving me something to work around. Once the interviews started, I realized that my response, the jewelry piece, was not enough... it needed to be given context, to be presented with the narrative upon which it was based. In collaboration with photographer Simon Murphy, I decided to use a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach; presenting text, photographs, and objects as a response. The dynamics and tensions created with these three approaches give a rounded picture of how deeply violence can affect lives.