Robert Bender

Nice Legs

Stillwater, PA

"When I developed this piece, my first inclination was to fully develop the figure. Then I realized that it made a stronger statement without the arms and head. With the use of cast table legs and exaggerated proportion, it had the feel of Cycladic art. I am interested in making statements about the human psyche through the figure. By employing found objects with the sculpted figure, symbolic power, humor and visual pun can be infused into the work. I work primarily in the medium of cast glass along with some bits of hardware and found objects. In this case the cast glass is reminiscent of stone, which gives it a timeless quality. While I often have humorous intentions, I am also seeking an elegant and timeless quality in my work." Robert Bender earned a BFA degree in illustration from Syracuse University. A writer and illustrator of numerous award-winning children’s picture books, he also works as a freelance illustrator for such clients as the New York Times, Psychology Today and Billboard Magazine. He began sculpting glass in 2009, after many years assisting his wife with her glass casting. His work has been included in a number of exhibitions and reviews.