Juliellen Byrne

Seeing Eye God

Groveport, OH
Handbuilt clay, stains

"The notion of narrative has always been of interest to me. Clay has the capacity to render a godlike power in details and makes it possible for me to tell stories without words. Stories involving balance and the imbalance of power are usually my starting point. Not all my work starts out as a title, but the themes of dogs, religion and dyslexia are amusing subjects to delve into. This work takes its title from the notion of dyslexia and my informed view of Catholicism good and bad. I am dismayed by the confounded resignation and actions of my fellow man. Government seems to be up for sale—our ethics eroded and our culture in love with firearms and religious fervor. With clay, I try to find ways to have vulnerability and humor face off. I like my viewers to know that I’m paying attention." Juliellen Byrne earned a Masters in Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. She maintains a studio in downtown Columbus, and is represented by Muse Gallery. She owns the Clay Café, a paint-your-own-pottery studio in Grandview. She has received an Individual Artist Grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and her work has been exhibited and published in numerous magazines.