Donnie Tolson

David and Goliath

Berea, KY
Carved wood, paint

“I have always been curious about the story of David and Goliath, and how such a small guy could beat out a giant! I was born in Campton, Kentucky, one of many children of the internationally famous wood carver Edgar Tolson. I have produced more than 300 carvings, some of them, like my father’s, based upon Bible stories. I often carve out of poplar wood, using paint to enhance my figures and the narrative. In recent years, I have expanded my subject matter to include contemporary pop culture, making such figures as Dale Earnhardt, Bob Seger and Colonel Sanders.“ Born in Campton, Kentucky, in the eastern Appalachian region, Donnie Tolson learned his craft from his father, the famous woodcarver Edgar Tolson. He has furthered his own techniques by examining the work of many different artists, both trained and self-taught.