Steve Scherer

Nouveau Figure in Blue

Edmonton, KY
Lampworked glass

“I am interested in how the flowing lines of Art Nouveau imitate nature, especially when representing the human body. This work was inspired by pictures in a book of dance. The human figure is one of the hardest to represent. The untrained eye notices imperfections in the proportions of a human figure – it is apparent on an instinctual level. I use glass because it is complex and difficult to master, requiring a situational awareness that passes from science to art. Altering glass involves an understanding of the forces at work: gravity and heat, pressure, differential of expansion. Glass’ properties produce fluid, organic curves that reproduce the lines of living things without necessitating the use of shaping tools.” Steve Scherer began his journey with glass as a high school student learning from his chemistry teacher. He has a degree in microbiology from the University of Illinois and has been working as a glass artisan for over 30 years. He creates his own glass to achieve the colors he wants, showcasing the richness of the borosilicate glass that he makes. Scherer’s glass figures and animals have been included in numerous exhibitions and invitationals. His work continues to be sought by galleries across the country.