Steve Sizelove

Lady Pipes

Richmond, IN
Lampworked borosilicate glass

“Since becoming a student of art, I’ve been fascinated with the human form and the technical study of it. I really appreciate simple figurative work, without superfluous details – work that suggests strong and dynamic movement. For these pieces I have used borosilicate glass that has been manipulated using the flameworking process. This has been my main medium for over 19 years and it’s hard for me to think of using anything else! These pieces do not have a direct narrative, but they are my attempt at studying the female form in a hollow sculpture. I’ve chosen the pipe as the object that delivers this sculptural study because of the vitality and energy in the counterculture that embraces pipes as a “movement.” It is outsider art in the process of maturing.” Steve Sizelove practices the craft of flameworking borosilicate glass in his home studio in Richmond, Indiana. He has studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and under notable glass artists such as Paul Stankard, Robert Mickelsen and Italian master Lucio Bubacco. Sizelove’s works have been shown at the Museum of Art & Design in New York, and the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, among others. He has been honored with numerous awards and featured in a growing number of publications.

$300 each