Adrienne Sloane

Fated Glory

Lexington, MA
Knitted linen

“I often listen to radio news while in my studio and I produced this piece when the war in Iraq was dominating the news. I wanted to make a visually, viscerally and artistically strong commentary on the political landscape, while also making a universal statement. An earlier work, titled Cost of War, incorporated bodies in a way that reminded me of flag imagery. This was the inspiration for Fated Glory, which for me even more powerfully reflected my anti-war sentiments. I have been gratified to note over time that this piece has also touched others. Fated Glory has won awards in several previous exhibitions.” Adrienne Sloane is a mixed media artist with a focus in fiber techniques. Her work has won numerous awards and has been published in Fiberarts, American Craft, Surface Design Journal and numerous other magazines and journals. Sloane’s work is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Goldstein Museum of Design, the American Textile History Museum and the Kamm Collection. She has worked with indigenous knitters in Bolivia and Peru and she shows and teaches sculptural fiber internationally