Janis Mars Wunderlich

Galloping Mother

Columbus, OH
Coil-built earthenware, underglazes, slips, overglazes, multiple firings

“My life gets a little crazy trying to keep up with a big family. I wanted to capture in this figure the energy and chaos of family life, and how it feels when trying to take care of every family member when I am being pulled five different ways.” “Every Monday afternoon, I stand in a horse arena and watch my kids go round in circles for three hours during their riding lessons. At first I was terrified of the dangers of riding – and then came to enjoy watching my kids challenge themselves. When they are at top speed with the horse – it looks like they are flying. I now use my “arena time” to ponder inspiration for new sculptures - I can relate to a horse in full gallop.” “Keeping up with a family’s activities is just part of parenting – as there is a duty to keep everyone emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy as well. To symbolize this, I have layered little creatures all over this figure’s head and arms adding to her texture to make her surface teem with life.” “The figure is my chosen vehicle because figures are the language I speak – it simply comes out of me. I am trying my best to be true to my artist self while trying to be the best mother I can – a tricky balance.” Janis Mars Wunderlich received her BFA from Brigham Young University and her MFA from Ohio State University. She has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has exhibited and lectured widely. Her work is published and is in the collection of the Mint Museum of Craft and Design and the Wustum Museum among others.