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Art + Mindfulness

creating art with meaning

The Ohio Craft Museum is offering a three month series suitable for the beginner to the professional artist or educator. Take one or all three workshops in the series for inspiration in creating art with meaning. All three artists will offer insight into their creative strategies and guide participants in their mindful process. The workshops are a combination of demonstration and hands on application.
Fee: $40 per workshop, includes all materials. Save by taking all three workshops for $105. Saturday afternoons, 1-4pm.

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January 4  –  I am …
Cheong-ah Hwang

Project Description
Discover the art of paper sculpture. Explore the characteristics of paper, and learn cutting, scoring and forming techniques, to create a small relief sculpture that interprets a word that is personally meaningful. (“I am…strong, beautiful, joyful, etc.)

Bio and Artist Statement
Cheong-ah Hwang is a Columbus-based paper sculptor, whose work has been shown in exhibitions throughout the city, including Made in Ohio: Diverse Sources at the Riffe Gallery in 2005. Her sculptures have been featured in numerous international blogs and magazines, and have been sold worldwide through her online shop. Hwang’s paper illustrations have been used on book covers, such as Philip Pullman’s book, Grimm Tales for Young and Old. In 2013, she wrote a how-to book, Creative Paper Cutting: 15 Paper Sculptures to Inspire and Delight, published by GMC Publications. She is happy to be sharing her passion for paper art with the community.


February 8  –  Nature’s Weft
Char Norman

Project Description
The weaving process is both meditative and engaging. When combined with natural materials the connection between human and nature is enhanced, calming the mind and stimulating the creative process. Pocket-sized looms will be built to produce either two or three-dimensional woven forms utilizing a variety of fibers and natural materials.

Bio and Artist Statement
Char Norman is an accomplished fiber artist specializing in paper making and fiber sculpture. She received a Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Art from Scripps College. She has lectured and exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has developed and conducted workshops for all ages, worked as a consultant to area schools and community arts organizations, held the positions of Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty at Columbus College of Art & Design and has now returned to the studio as a full-time professional artist.

The idea of Nature as an object of veneration and worship is as old as man. Tied into this worship of nature is the idea that all things are interconnected, and no one thing is dominant over another. As our world continues to face critical issues affecting the environment, social equality, ethics, and morality, the need to understand this symbiotic relationship and embrace eco-psychology becomes more apparent than ever. I present nature in a sacred space in order to bring about a deeper understanding of the importance of the issues at hand and to help others recognize the role nature can play as a teacher, therapist, and healer.


March 14  –  The You Album
Cody F. Miller

Project Description
The most fascinating way I enjoy getting to know someone is through music. Not just any old music but specific songs that take them back to places more vividly than any other form of memory. John Green’s podcast “ The Anthropocene Reviewed “ talks about the power of one song “ New Partner “ from Bonnie “ Prince” Billy. “ For 3 minutes and 57 seconds the song transports me to people I used to be, and so through the song, I’m brought back to heartbreak and falling in love, but in a way that feels safe and survivable as things only can once you’ve survived them.”

This project will entail creating an album, front and back, that will be a timetable ( From you’re earliest memory to the present ) of the songs that have lodged in your heart and will never leave, songs that have carried you where you need to go.

You will need to choose between 10-22 songs for your soundtrack.
Take your time thinking about this and keep in mind a few things: 1. The songs cover a wide range of emotions, don’t be afraid to convey that through your selections, this is a diary of sorts. 2. Sometimes the songs choose you, they are not a song you would consciously pick, but through a myriad of events, it becomes a fellow sojourner.

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