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Art + Mindfulness 2022

creating art with meaning

The Ohio Craft Museum is offering a three-month series of workshops suitable for the beginner to professional artist/educator. Workshops are designed to inspire creating art with meaning or to live a more creatively inspired life. Teaching artists will offer insight into their creative strategies and guide participants in their mindful processes. The workshops are a combination of demonstration and hands-on application.
Fee: $40 per workshop. Save by taking all three workshops for $105. Saturday afternoons, 1-4 pm.

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January 8 – One Stitch at a Time, One Breath at a Time
Gwen Surratt 

Presentation Overview
 Hand-stitching takes on its own sense of mindfulness through the repetition of the stitching process. Join me in this workshop where we’ll explore what can be created using a needle, thread and your hands.  Get lost with me in the soothing process of hand-stitching as we explore some of my favorite stitches and create a needle holder booklet or a series of small works made of felt. In addition, I will share a universal meditation practice and some yoga movement for your hands and back.

Bio and Artist Statement
I have loved yarn, fabric and thread for as long as I can remember. As a child, my curiosity about knitting lead to my mother placing knitting needles and a skein of yarn in my small hands, and from then on I was hooked. Knitting led to sewing, which led to quilting, to making art quilts, my work evolved to creating fabric collage and of late, to hand-stitched work.
I enjoy working with simple stitches to create whatever line I need. One of the things I love about hand-stitching is the intimacy of the process – fabric, needle, thread and my hands. In this time of digital this and that, I find it soothing to my soul to handle fabric and thread to express myself. Working intuitively lets the impact of emotions move directly from heart to hand to the work itself. My stitching is a meditative practice I try to do everyday, enhanced symbolically through the use of natural fabrics and thread..I have always been very process-driven, appreciating the journey as much as the finished product. All of it has been a challenging, satisfying, educational experience. Working strictly by hand gives me tactile satisfaction and connection to the work, and allows me to work whenever and wherever I choose. Spending time creating with needle, fabric, and thread gives a much needed break from our fast paced world of electronics and technology. 

I am also a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher. I have been teaching for 46 years.


February 12 – Colorful Fabric Masks
Wendy Kendrick

Presentation Overview
Create a collage portrait using the playful process of combining texture, form and patterns. Fuse fabric shapes into a colorful mask, then embellish with beads, yarn, buttons, etc.

Bio and Artist Statement
When speaking on her life and artwork, Wendy Kendrick say “Making art can be best described as satisfying an inner craving of my heart to create things. Art is my breath, my dreams, my mind, my heart and my soul.” “Quite a bit of my art deals with the special bond that women enjoy with one another. The bond we share as mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, nieces, neighbors and sister friends. It’s about inner strength, nurturing and sharing our spiritual journey.”

In 2010 my visit to the East African country of Tanzania as a U.S. delegate for a women’s artist exchange greatly impacted my life and art. Tanzania’s Tingatinga art style and brazen mixing of patterns in women’s clothing continues to influence my work.


March 12 – Intersections and Iterations
Marcia Armstrong

Presentation Overview
Art practices have always been to some degree interdisciplinary. But in today’s world with so much information at our fingertips, artists are continually blurring, crossing boundaries—searching multiple sources and expanding personal expression.

This workshop will explore the intersection of science and art and how a scientific discovery can be transformed into a visual expression. We will weave willow branches and bamboo slats and explore how this repetitive process might ultimately influence the work we do.
I would love to have you join me!

Bio and Artist Statement
The natural world.
Art and Science.
Intersections and iterations.

These are some of the words that drive me today to ‘do what I do’.

Most of my adult years have been spent as a professional studio potter. I am fortunate enough to have cast a wide net throughout my tenure—shipping my work to shops and galleries throughout the country while continuing to hone my skills and to challenge the creative practice of my work.

In 2014, I expanded my definition of ‘making things’ and joined the Franklin County Master Gardeners program. Here, I was introduced to a concept called, geobotany. This is the science of making connections between what’s growing on top to what’s happening underneath. That’s not only a great definition for working in clay but also a great way to define the natural world and the myriad of micro ecosystems continuously working to keep balance in the world around us.

I have found a way to visually integrate what studio work has taught me with our relationship to our natural world—utilizing materials that are not only useful in my work but also represent a small piece of the underpinnings of a much larger landscape. Living willow, bamboo, and live plant material are finding their way into my studio.

My aim is to create an aesthetic that is within everyone’s reach and stands as a quiet reminder that we are all very much part of the natural world we live in.

Mask by Wendy Kendrick

Stitching by Gwen Surratt

Marcia Armstrong – Chadwick Installation





Gwen Surratt – yoga pose